Important Numbers and Helplines

If you have a problem and feel the need for a listening ear, why not take up the phone and contact someone who can help?  Perhaps some of the following contacts might be of help…

Age Action

Age Action Ireland is the national independent organisation on ageing and older people.
Tel: (01) 475 6989


Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel: (01) 453 8998

Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Offering direct access to practical information and emotional support for people with dementia, their carers, families and friends.
Tel: 1800 341 341


10am- 10pm 7 days a week Providing support and assistance to people whose lives are affected by depression.
Tel: 1890 303 302


Barnardos supports children and families through providing a number of direct family support services located throughout the country.
Tel: 1850 222 300


Support for people affected by eating disorders.
Tel: 1890 200 444

Carers Association of Ireland

Tel: 1800 240 724


Childline is 24-hour service for children and young people up to 18 years.
Tel: 1800 666 666


Connect is a free phone counselling service for any adult who has experienced abuse, trauma or neglect in childhood. The service is also available to partners or relatives of people with these experiences. With Connect you can talk in confidence with a trained counsellor who can listen or help with questions you have.

Connect is an out of hours service available Wednesday to Sunday, from 6-10pm.
Tel: 1800 235 235


Supporting and helping people bereaved through suicide.
Tel: 1800 201 890


Offers support and help to those who are faced with a crisis pregnancy.
Tel: 1850 622 626

Faoiseamh Helpline

Faoiseamh is an organisation which provides telephone counselling and a counselling and psychotherapy referral service for people who have been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused by priests or religious. Our aim is to ensure that the people who contact us receive the best possible help and support in dealing with the events of the past.

Free access to a helpline staffed by experienced Telephone Counsellors. This operates on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11.00 am – 8.00 pm, and on Fridays from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Tel: 1800 331 234

Gamblers Anonymous

Tel: (01) 872 1133


Works with carers, families and individuals affected by Acquired Brain Injury.
Tel: 1890 200 278

Irish Association of Suicidology

The IAS set out to be a forum for all individuals and voluntary groups involved in any aspect of suicidology for the exchange of knowledge gained from differing perspectives and experiences.

Irish Cancer Society

Tel: 1800 200 700

Irish Patients Association

Tel: (01) 272 2555

Irish Sudden Infant Death Association

Offers support to families bereaved by Sudden Infant Death and others affected by it.
Tel: 1850 391 391

It’s Your Money

Independent information on financial products and services to help you make financial decisions.

Mental Health Ireland

Promoting positive mental health and actively supporting persons with a mental illness, their families and carers.

Narcotics Anonymous

Tel: (01)672 8000

National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland

Tel: (01) 505 3018

National Counselling Service

The HSE National Counselling Service (NCS) is for adults who were abused in childhood and was established in September 2000 in response to the recognition that a large number of adults had been abused as children while in care in State institutions in Ireland. The NCS offers confidential face to face counselling, free of charge, to adults who experienced physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect during childhood. Counselling is available at 60 locations throughout Ireland.
Tel: 1800 235 234

National Office for Suicide Prevention



Support, guidance and information on all aspects of being a parent.
Tel: 1890 927 277

Pieta House

Pieta House offers a specialised treatment programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming behaviours. In particular, this centre targets people who have already attempted to take their lives – often the forgotten people. This service is free of charge, but donations are welcome. The specialized treatment programme offers a comprehensive service aimed at individuals and their families who are affected by:

  • Multiple suicidal attempts
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Continuous self-harming behaviours

Pieta House is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.00am – 8.00pm, Tuesdays, Fridays 9.00am – 5.00pm, Saturday 10am-2pm on Sunday on Call service 10.00am – 2.00pm
Tel: (01) 601 0000


A peer-support programme to assist children, youth and adults who are grieving a death, separation or other painful transition in their family.
Tel: (01) 473 4175


Providing confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.
Tel: 1850 609 090

Spunout aims to guide young people through life with quality information, support and inspiration as well as providing a platform for young people to express their opinions, realise that they are not alone and get heard.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Tel: (01) 838 6990


Sometimes we can let things pile on top of us, it can be hard to figure a way out, talking may seem scary, but it helps when there’s someone there to really listen.
Tel: 1800 833 634

Turning the Tide of Suicide

Founded to raise awareness and funding to lower the suicide rates in Ireland through dedicated research, educational support and intervention in the problem of suicide in Ireland.

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