Planning The Music

The music chosen should be liturgical and not secular pop songs. The music should not be a performance in itself separate from the ceremony – rather it should enhance the liturgy at the given time. The list below is not exhaustive and serves as suggestions as to what type of music is appropriate to each part of the mass.

We have compiled a guide to help you plan your wedding music .


  • Choose your readings: First Reading, Second Reading and Gospel. This will help you to focus on themes for your music choices.
  • Check your music choices with your celebrant and/ or parish music minister and remember that the music at weddings must be “suited to the dignity of the occasion.”
  • We recommend that your musicians/ singer(s) should be located at the top of the right hand side aisle [under the bell tower] where the organ and microphone points are located.
  • Once you’ve selected and agreed what is to be sung, you might provide some of the lyrics within your wedding booklet, so that the congregation may join in if they so wish.
  • If the Responsorial Psalm is being sung, be sure that your first Reader knows this, and does not jump ahead into reading the Psalm, before your singer is ready to start!